"At Laminance, we pioneer affordable high-performance composites, increasing their adoption and enabling other technologies for a more sustainable future"

Patented Blending Technology

To reach the full potential of fiber reinforced composites the laminate should be optimized locally. Load paths created by the fibers create a structure within the laminate. At laminance, we develop a segmented design technology to optimize laminates under varying loading conditions. These highly tailored designs are unique for every application, but can be manufactured using all concurrent technologies. Our designs require less material and therefore reduce material cost and structural mass.




The aerospace industry benefits significantly from weight savings. Laminates designed using SFVS technology allow for 10% weight savings in fuselage and wing structures. Aircraft operators can increase their payload capacity or decrease their fuel consumption accordingly. These weight savings directly amount to 6% reduction in fuel consumption per flight. Thereby blended laminate technology enables more sustainable aircraft industry and contributes to reaching the 2050 climate goals.

Wind Energy

To increase the amount of sustainable energy harvest from the, wind turbines have been increasing in size. Straight-fiber variable stiffness laminates allow wind turbine blades to be 40% stronger and facilitate even large wind turbines. Instead of shutting down a wind turbine, wind turbines incorporating SFVS technology can generate more energy from stronger winds. Stiffer and stronger turbine blades enable a 100% green sustainable energy generation by 2050.


Composites are a good structural alternative for metal structures, but are generally more expensive because of the raw material cost. SFVS technology has the same structural performance as composite laminates, but uses 10% less material. Moreover, stiffer ailerons with customized aeroelastic behavior can be designed to control down force gradually. This technology makes carbon composites accessible in the mass production automotive industry.

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